Prefabricated Building
Prefabricated Building are the heavy duty readymade structures that are used for industrial as well as commercial applications to make large insulated areas. These are fabricated with the help of heavy duty materials which imparts strength and rigidity to the structure.
Portable Cabin
Portable Cabin are the transportable temporary rooms that are used for making defence camp, resting places at construction sites, medical and refugee camps. Buyers can get these heavy pre-fabricated structures from us as per their requirements.
Cable Tray
Cable Tray are metallic ladder type structures that are used to carry insulated electrical wires for the making of simplified power distribution channels in residential as well as industrial buildings. These are designed by using best grade materials which helps to prevent the risk of accidents due to fire.
Anchor Bolt
Anchor Bolt are the mechanical fasteners that are especially designed to join heavy structural and non-structural components like large mast pole on a concrete base to prevent the defection and to great support to withstand heavy winds.
Portable Bus Stop Shelter
Portable Bus Stop Shelter are the construction elements that acts as waiting area covered with a canopy like structure to wait for the public vehicles. These are especially designed to protect the people from climatic conditions such as rainfall and heavy sunlight.
Prefabricated Petrol Pump Canopy
Prefabricated Petrol Pump Canopy offered by us are fabricated by using top quality materials which results in sturdy and robust construction. These are cable to resist the impact of water, sunlight, ultra violet radiations and heavy winds to protect the workers.
Prefabricated Shed Installation Service
Our company also offers Prefabricated Shed Installation Service by our experienced and skilled professionals. Our workers uses best quality advanced tools, machineries and components which offers high strength and rigidity to the structures.
Metal Purlin
Metal Purlin are highly rigid support members that are widely used for the construction of roof in residential and commercial buildings. We offer these heavy duty components in various different shapes like C-type and Z-type.
Stainless Steel Coils
Stainless Steel Coils are large rolls of thin metallic sheet that are formed by hot and cold rolling process. These are widely used in manufacturing industries in sheet metal operations for the production of different products.